"We have had our ducts cleaned which was wonderful as the previous owners of our house were heavy smokers and every time the furnace came on, the smell of smoke filled our home. My family also has less sickness and allergies. We recently had new carpet installed in the bedrooms. It is wonderful! Nice quality, installed well with excellent and professional installation and service. We are very happy with all we have had Complete Carpet Care do!" -Bridgette Nielsen

"Thank-you Complete carpet care for your prompt service. We were shocked at how much build up was in our ducts & the duct cleaning was amazing & simple (& not messy at all.) We have grately enjoyed our new carpet that you have installed in our basement - kids chose to sleep on it several nights after it was installed due to it being so soft & FUN!! (Finally no more cement!) The tile you have installed in our entry several years ago - remains beautiful & we love the tile work recently done in our new basement bathroom!! Last but not least - Carpet cleaning was great too on our main level!! I appreciate that you were able to get us on the schedule & the job done in the time frame we were needing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Complete carpet care - For their top notch service, products, & ability!! THANKS for Your help & for your services in our Community!!" -Jeanna Young

"My husband and I were looking to redue our kitchen and flooring and called Complete Carpet Care for quotes and ideas. They came out quickly and talked through all our options from low to high priced items. They were very professional and friendly, and made us feel safe in our investment to better our home. They installed some flooring for us, and then a month later we had them come back and clean our carpets. It was a great experience for us, and we will be calling upon them again in the future when we need their services" -LB

"Working with Complete Carpet Care has been a good experience for us. They delivered good service and were pleasant to be around." -SS