Duct & Vent Cleaning

Ever stopped to think about what type of dirt, grime and particles you are breathing every day in your house through your venting systems? Your vents are working overtime to provide heating and cooling into your house to bring comfort to your day, however they are also catching dirt, grime and particles that get dispersed throughout your house. Using top of the line cleaning equipment, our technicians are able to hook into your duct and venting areas and clear out a lot of what is being harbored inside, leaving you with clean air to breathe and clear ducts and vents to operate in your home. Also included is a light cleaning on the furnace. We can also clean out dryer vents, which typically have a lot of lint build-up.

Things we've found in heating duct systems in this area in the last year:

  • 35 year old beverage cans
  • Old food
  • 15+ year old class ring
  • Old love letters
  • Socks
  • Candy stash
  • Dead mice (5 in one home)

Things we haven't found yet:
Cash stash!!